Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling Juliette den Ouden Make-up and Hair Styling


Juliëtte den Ouden

Juliette den Ouden

Who is Juliette den Ouden?
Juliette won ‘Best Make-up Artist 2012 and 2013’ and managed to win 6th place in the international Make-up Championship in 2014. This put her in the prestigious list of top 10 best Make-up Artists in the world. Partly because of her dyslexia she is a very ambitious and driven woman that has worked hard her whole life to accomplish her goals. Juliette has 11 years of salon experience of which 9 years at Christiaan Aveda lifestyle salon as top stylist, colorist, hair & make-up artist and trainer. Next to her experience in the salon she has 13 years of experience working as a hair and make-up artist for several well-known magazines, photographers, shows and commercial assignments. In 2011 she chose to dedicate herself entirely to work freelance as hair and make-up artist and also founded the Visious Academy, an academy for aspiring hair and make-up artists.


INTERVIEW: Award winning make-up & hair artist Juliette den Ouden The View Magazine  


Chef de Cabine
At present Juliette is working as an international hair and make-up artist and regularly works backstage as 'Chef de cabine’ at impressive shows such as Toni & Guy, Davines, Farouk and more.

Next to her love for make-up Juliette also has another passion; to transfer her knowledge to others. This has led her to found the Visious Academy. Here she trains both starting as well as advanced hair & make-up artists to the next level in their careers. With her knowledge gained in salons she also created a special program for hairdressers and hairstylists. For more info check www.visious.nl

Next to this Juliette is a proud member of the board of ‘Bespeak’, where she works with other professional Make-up Artists to create the educational material for the Dutch Make-up Artists Association.

Juliette den Ouden Behind the scenes

“I follow my feelings, love and passion and now focus on my dream as international hair and make-up artist.”







Harper’s Bazaar (Indonesia), Cosmopolitan (Indonesia) , I Magazine (Bali), Cheads Magazine, LXRY Magazine, 200% Magazine, Talkies, Entourage, Live afther Footbal. Tribute, Estetica, De Kapper, Style Vision, Gun Magazine, I mute magazine, View Magazine, Exclusief, Leven, Coiffure magazine, Coiffure Generation, Razor Red (hong Kong), Bladi mode, Yes, Fab magazine (Londen), Glamsterdam, Hair, Zoom, 12 magazine, male model scene


Davines Angelo Seminara, Intercoiffure, Hair onstage, Davines Summer Collection 2013, Chef the Cabin Farouk, Trend Vision, (Wella), Intercoiffure Beach event, Toni & Guy, Davines Winter Collection 2012, Balmain, Damn Nice Hair, Lilly Houben, Pleasurements (lingerie), Sheguang Hu (ahoy), MLY, Visious, Hairzenzation, Fashion week NL, Pre fashion week, Off-scheduale, Schwarzkopf hair color technics 2007, Schwarzkopf essential looks 2004, 2005, 2007

Chef the Cabine

Angelo Seminara(make-up), Schwarzkopf, Make-up studio, LabelM (make-up), Hair onstage (make-up), Toni & Guy (make-up), Miss India Worldwide 2012 suriname (hair), Farouk (make-up), Intercoiffure (make-up), Davines (make-up), Balmain (make-up), Sheguang Hu (make-up), Visious (productie, make-up & Hair), HKU (Hair), We R Creative (make-up & hair), AMFI (make-up)

Commercial work

Versace, Brand disign Make-up studio Spring/summer 2014, Ola Magnum/Cornetto/Racket, Quoins, Voice off Holland, sÓliver, Dr Hauschka, Jean Paul, Farouk, Lánza, Nyce Hair cosmetics, Hoya, Sky Radio, Swisscare, Veronica, Amron, The Sting, Alatheia & Phos, Palm Beach wear, Gooseberry, Wetfeather, Fella swim, Intervet, Veronica, Godly Juwels, Zwaluwhoeve, Carmen, Radio 538, Karma Juwels, Looking Good, Esqualo, Wings Byou, Real Hair Online BV, Sweps, Stehouwer banden bv, Dutch Dance Theatre, Phillips, AD van Geloven, Van Vliet trucks, Obos, 

Promo Material: Steel agency ADE campaign, ACE agengy, Tom de neef, Ginius, Laidback luck, Clinten Vario, Melvin reese, JWR World records, several bands


Andy & Melissa SBS6, Looking good, MTV was here, Veronica commercial, Sky Radio commercial, Geluk in uitvoering (gespierd uit het dal)


Kellan Lutz, Pierre Niney, John Michael Mcdonagh, Stand-by George Clooney, Bob Balaban, Brandan Gleeson, Daisy Bevan, Annett Louisan, Laura Ponticorvo, Anna Drijver, Alain Clark, Humberto Tan, Michiel Borstlap, Teun de Nooijer, Melissa van der meyde, Halina Reijn, Gorgina verbaan, quinty trusful, Inge de bruin, Bollywood actrices, Eric de zwart, Jeroen van Inkel, Silvan Stoet, Rick van Velthuysen, Marlies Dekkers, Joke Kruijf, Marielle Bastiaanse, Maik de Boer, Frankie Adams, Bollywood actrices

Nominations and Awards

  • 3rd price Dutch hairdressers award 2015 (hair & make-up)
  • 15 nominations Dutch hairdressers award 2015 (make-up) 
  • 2 x 1th, 1 x 2nd, 3 x 3rd: Coiffure award 2014 (make-up)
  • Nominated Coiffure award, Avant garde 2014 (hair & make-up)
  • 12 Nominations Coiffure award 2014 (make-up)
  • 6th International make-up championschip 2014 (hair & make-up)
  • Winner of the Make up Awards 2013 (hair & make-up)
  • 1st price Youngster Belgian Hairdressers award 2013 (make-up)
  • 3rd price Coiffure Award, woman 2013  (make-up)
  • Nominated Coiffure Award Women Zuid-Holland (hair & make-up)
  • 14 nominations Coiffure Awards 2013 (make-up)
  • 1st price Youngster Belgian Hairdressers Award 2012 (make-up)
  • 1st price Alternative Belgian Hairdressers Award 2012 (make-up)
  • 1st price Up to date Belgian Hairdressers Award 2012 (make-up)
  • 10 Nominations at the Belgium Hairdressers Award 2012 (make-up)
  • 1st price Public's Choice Make-up Awards 2012 (hair & make-up)
  • 2nd price by the professional Jury Make-up Awards 2012 (hair & make-up)
  • 1st price Coiffure Awards,Women Zuid-Holland 2012 (make-up)
  • Nomination Coiffure Awards 2012 Consumer (make-up)
  • Nomination Coiffure Awards 2011 Avantgarde (make-up)
  • Dutch Champion Make-up Artist 2006, Category Catwalk (hair & make-up)




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Juliëtte den Ouden
Make-up & Hair Styling

E: info@juliettedenouden.com
T: +31 6 14100363

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